‘Stephen Badsey, one of the world’s leading authorities on war and the media…’

Gary Sheffield, Forgotten Victory (2001)
Professor Stephen Badsey
PhD MA(Cantab.) FRHistS
Military Historian

‘If you know your history, then you know where you’re coming from.’
Bob Marley, Buffalo Soldier


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"A beginning is a very delicate time..."
Princess Irulan at the start of David Lynch's film version of "Dune" (1984)

Welcome To My Website. I am a military historian concerned mainly with wars and peace in the last two centuries (and even into the future) and especially how wars and military affairs have been represented in the media.

BBC Timewatch: The Unknown Soldiers -
“Enlivened by some judicious and incisive analysis of the war from historian Dr Stephen Badsey”
Daily Telegraph 24/02/2006
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"He is a prolific writer and speaker on warfare and its relation to the media."
'Open2.net' - The Open University web-site

"... a specialist in theories of warfare and military-media relations .... "
'BBC web-site' articles on The Western Front and the Birth of Total War and Mass Politics and the Western Front










Dr Badsey during a TV interview