‘Stephen Badsey, one of the world’s leading authorities on war and the media…’

Gary Sheffield, Forgotten Victory (2001)
Professor Stephen Badsey
PhD MA(Cantab.) FRHistS
Military Historian

‘If you know your history, then you know where you’re coming from.’
Bob Marley, Buffalo Soldier


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Dr Badsey said drily “A number of people with unusual jobs end up writing 'How I Won The War Single Handed'. You are not actually under oath when writing your own memoirs.” Nancy Banks-Smith, Television -The Guardian , June 28, 2002.

Dr Badsey on location, Nov 2005
Please click here for a video of Dr Badsey working on BBC News 24.

I have been making appearances on television now for more than thirty years, usually speaking as a historian, sometimes dealing with modern matters.

I have also advised on numerous television documentaries and some dramas. A few of my television and video credits (I have well over fifty, and I've long ago lost track of all of them) are recorded on the Internet Movie Database (see the foot of this page) - just enter my name under the 'Names' category.

My first appearance on television in a documentary was back in 1983 for BBC2 in a programme on war reporting called ‘Trumpets and Typewriters’ produced by Adam Curtis. Since then I have appeared in Great Britain on Timewatch, Secret History and the UK History Channel , and in programmes made in the United States, Australia and Germany.

I have appeared several times as a commentator on live television, including for Sky News in London for the 60th Anniversary Commemorations of Operation Market-Garden in September 2004.

Dr Stephen Badsey, the historical adviser to D-Day in Colour, said:
" … it is one of the iconic moments of military history. To have a visual record brings it so much closer. Colour makes it a little more real to the modern audience.”
The Observer , May 23 2004.

My first credit as a researcher on a television documentary was the award-winning BBC1 series Soldiers released in 1984, scripted by John Keegan and Richard Holmes and fronted by Frederick Forsythe.

Several of these programmes are still being repeated around the world, and are listed here by date of first transmission. A few have been released on video or DVD.

I have also studied the theory and practice of the value of 'television history' to history as a serious academic discipline. This has included a chapter in my book The British Army in Battle and Its Image 1914-18.  I have spoken on this subject at a number of conferences.

“My scribbled notes fail to do justice to Badsey’s beautifully crafted full-throttle put-downs of TV and most of its historical works…”
Professor Laurie Taylor, ‘Get Real If You Want To Hook Them On History,’ (describing a conference at the Imperial War Museum, London) The Times Higher Education Supplement November 7, 2004.

My career in television goes back to before the time that video or DVD recorders were common, and again I have long ago lost track of all the programmes to which I have contributed in one way or another. Some of them have also been released on video or DVD and are available commercially, but if you have difficulty then please do not ask me how to get hold of them!

Dr Stephen Badsey providing commentary and analysis to BBC News 24 during the 60th anniversary of the D-day landings.

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Chateau Thierry  'on-location shoot', Nov 2005

More than 20 years of experience appearing and advising on television including; the BBC, Sky News, Timewatch, The History Channel etc

Videos and DVDs that Dr Stephen Badsey has worked on include:


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