‘Stephen Badsey, one of the world’s leading authorities on war and the media…’

Gary Sheffield, Forgotten Victory (2001)
Professor Stephen Badsey
PhD MA(Cantab.) FRHistS
Military Historian

‘If you know your history, then you know where you’re coming from.’
Bob Marley, Buffalo Soldier


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'It is the province of the historian to find out, not what was, but what is. Where a battle has been fought, you will find nothing but the bones of men and beasts, where a battle is been fought, there are hearts beating.'
Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)




As a historian I have led battlefield tours (and the professional military version which is known as a staff ride) for over 15 years, including but not limited to:


NORMANDY 1944 From D-Day to the closing of the Falaise pocket


The major British battles including Ypres Salient, the Retreat from Mons, The Somme, Cambrai, and also Verdun and the Meuse-Argonne battles.

NORTH AFRICA The Battles of El Alamein and Alam Halfa 1942
SOUTH AFRICA The Battles of the Zulu War 1879 and the Boer War 1899-1902
Franco - Prussian War 1870-71 The Battles of Mars-la-Tour, Gravelotte and Sedan etc

Plus Vicksburg 1863, the Suez Canal crossings 1973, and a few others that you might not expect!

(*NB: Organised battlefield tours in South Africa are required by law to be accompanied by an authorised South African tour guide; I have worked well with these guides in the past.)

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