‘Stephen Badsey, one of the world’s leading authorities on war and the media…’

Gary Sheffield, Forgotten Victory (2001)
Professor Stephen Badsey
PhD MA(Cantab.) FRHistS
Military Historian

‘If you know your history, then you know where you’re coming from.’
Bob Marley, Buffalo Soldier


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Internationally recognised specialist on modern military-media issues and debates.

These are most of the talks, lectures, and conference papers that I have given over the last two decades (up to the end of the academic year 2016/2017 - see my News page for more recent events):

Keynote speaker, ‘Remembering the Desert War...’, Conference on El Alamein: 75 Years On – The War in the Mediterranean and the Campaign for North Africa 1942, University of Wolverhampton, September 2017.


Speaker, ‘The Will to Win: British Strategy, Propaganda and Public Opinion 1940-1942’ The Second World War Research Group Workshop, 1940 to 1942: The Fulcrum of the Twentieth Century? Kings College London Defence Studies Department at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, Shrivenham, June 2016.

Invited speaker, ‘Brave Little Belgium: Why Britain and Ireland Went to War in 1914,’ Western Front Association Conference United and Divided: The Impact of the First World War on Britain, Ireland, and the Empire, Cork, October 2015.


 Invited speaker, ‘The Consequences of the Military Failures of 1915’, The Gallipoli Association Gallipoli Centenary Conference, London, September 2015.


Invited speaker, ‘Scotland in British Propaganda’, Western Front Association Conference Scotland in the Great War, September 2015.

Invited Keynote Speaker at concluding Public Lecture for the International Conference on Alternate Spaces of War 1914 to the Present, University of Plymouth, July 2015.


Invited seminar speaker, ‘The German Corpse Factory and British Propaganda in the First World War,’ to the Graduate Research Seminar of the History Department of the University of Kent, February 2015.


‘Propaganda,’ Symposium on The First World War: Perspectives of the Home Front, Royal United Services Institute, London, November 2014.

‘Just Twelve Years Later: British Generals in 1914 and Their Anglo-Boer War Experience,’ From the Anglo-Boer to the Great War: International Military History Conference, The South African Military History Society / Die Suid-Afrikaanse Krysshistoriese Vereniging and Talana Museum, Battlefield and Heritage Park, Talana Museum, South Africa, October 2014.


Keynote Speaker, ‘A Hundred Years On: Recent and Changing Views on the History of the First World War,’ Der Erste Weltkrieg in der deutschen und britischen Erinnerungskultur  / The First World War in British and German Cultures of Remembrance, 33rd Annual Conference of the Prinz-Albert-Gesellschaft E.V. / The Prince Albert Society, Coburg, Germany, September 2014.


‘Remembrance and False Memory: what everyone knows about the war,’ Western Front Association, President’s Conference, Birmingham August 2014, on You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziGow3CLalo


‘Atrocities and Propaganda: The German Invasion of Belgium and the British Response,’ Conference on The First World War in Retrospect, Weetwood Hall, Leeds, July 2014.


‘Communications, Propaganda and the Media,’ Research Workshop: The Return of the Great Powers? Leeds University, July 2014.

 ‘A Bad Start: The Failure (so far) of Television,’ Conference on From Total War to Total Trivialization? The Media, Museums and the First World War Anniversaries, Salford University / Media City UK, Salford, May 2014.


Public Lecture ‘British Official Documentaries and Newsreels of the First World War,’ University of Wolverhampton Film, Media, Discourse and Culture Research Seminar Series, Wolverhampton University, May 2014.


Discussion Panellist, ‘The Complete Blackadder Goes Forth Debate,’ Bristol Festival of Ideas, Watershed, Bristol, May 2014.


'Strategy and Propaganda: Lord Kitchener, the Amiens Despatch, and the Battle of Mons, August-September 1914,' Symposium in Honour of David Welch: Propaganda and the Shaping of the 20th Century, at the University of Kent, May 2014.


Public Lecture, ‘Kitchener Needs You! British Propaganda and Recruiting at the Start of the First World War,’ Museum of Cannock Chase, February 2014.

‘Remembrance and False memories: What Everyone Knows About the War,’ One-day conference on Interpretations and Remembrance: The challenges of the World War I Centenary, National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire, September 2013.

Keynote Speaker, ‘Military History – into the 21st Century,’ at the symposium on New Research in Military History, University of Birmingham, November 2012. 

Speaker, ‘First World War Films,’ Walks and Talks Series, Limelight Cinema, The Black Country Living Museum, Dudley, May 2012.

Keynote Speaker, ‘The Transformation of First World War History,’ 24th IAMHIST Conference, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2011.

Speaker, 'Guns and Individuality: Infantry Tactics and Battlefield Heroism 1850-1950' at the conference on Guns and Identity in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, University of Kent, May 2011.

Invited Speaker, ‘The Best Use of the Airborne? Normandy 6-12 June 1944,’ US Army Airborne and Special Forces Museum Fayetteville (Fort Bragg) USA, May 2010.

Speaker, ‘The British Army and the First World War 1914-1918’ as part of the University of Wolverhampton panel on ‘The British Army: Winning the Wars and Losing the History 1899-1945’ at the Society for Military History 77th Annual Meeting ‘Causes Lost and Won,’ Virginia Military Institute USA, May 2010.

Invited Speaker, ‘Tactics, Myths and Mistakes,’ 110th Anniversary of the Anglo-Boer War International History Conference, Platrand Lodge, Ladysmith, South Africa, January 2010.

Speaker, Inaugural Research Symposium, School of Law, Social Sciences and Communications, University of Wolverhampton, July 2009.

Speaker, Symposium on Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation, Falstad Memorial and Human Rights Centre, Trondheim, Norway, June 2009

'The Anglo-Zulu War and British Imperial Defence Policy,' at the 130th Anniversary Commemoration of the Anglo-Zulu War 1879,' Battlefields Country Lodge, Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, January 2009.

'The Last Forgotten Victory' Conference on 1918 - The Genesis of Modern Warfare: The Birth of the Royal Air Force and the Hundred Days Campaign, University of Birmingham, September 2008.
'High Command: Authority and Power in the BEF in 1916,' Conference The Battle of the Somme - 90 Years On, University of Kent, July 2006.

Keynote Speaker, 'As Others See Us: The Historical Image of Canada and Its Forces,' 17th Military History Colloquium, University of Western Ontario, Canada, May 2006.

'Media War and Public Opinion in 2006,' Tri-Service Conference, Public Opinion, The Media and Defence, Madingley Hall, Cambridge University, April 2006.

'Filming the War: The Contemporary Film Record,' Conference The First World War 1914-1918, Rewley House, Oxford University, March 2006.

Media Study Day, Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) Headquarters, Reindalen, Germany, December 2005.

'Public History,' Conference The Future of the First World War, Queen Mary College, London, June 2005.

'The Battlefield of Normandy 1944,' South African Military History Society, University of Natal, January 2005. 

'The Role of the Professional Historian,' Conference It May Be History, But Is It True? IAMHist / BUFVC, Imperial War Museum, London, October 2004.

‘The Battlefield and the Conduct of the Battle,' Conference D-Day: The 60th Anniversary , Christ Church, Oxford University, September 2004.

‘Living Pictures of the Dead,’ The 7th British Silent Cinema Festival ‘Goodbye To All That: British Silent Cinema and World War One,’ Broadway Nottingham, April 2004.

'The Battles of El Alamein,' Bright Star Exercise Briefing, Cairo, October 2001.

‘New Roles for the Media,' Conference ‘Taking Stock of Civil-Military Relations,’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague, Netherlands, April 2001.

Senior Officer’s Conference, The Media and the Armed Forces , Madingley Hall, Cambridge University, February 2001.

'The Military-Media Relationship since the Vietnam War,’ Staff Seminar, Australian War Memorial, Canberra, April 2000.

'Churchill, the Emergent Leader,' International Churchill Society 16th International Conference , Bath, June 2000.

‘How the War Was Lost: Germany and the Central Powers in 1918,’ Conference Every War Must End: 1918 , Kings College London, November 1998.

Annual Airpower Symposium: Command and Control , Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy, Trondheim, Norway, February 1998.

Conference Planning Large Scale Humanitarian Relief Operations US Army, Heidelberg, Germany, March 1995.

NATO Conference on Multinationality , Koslas, Norway, October 1994.

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Dr Badsey speaking at a recent NATO conference