‘Dr Stephen Badsey, one of the world’s leading authorities on war and the media…’

Gary Sheffield, Forgotten Victory (2001)
Dr Stephen Badsey.
PhD MA(Cantab.) FRHistS
Military Historian

‘If you know your history, then you know where you’re coming from.’
Bob Marley, Buffalo Soldiers


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My Contribution
Doctrine and Reform in in the British Cavalry 1880-1918 (2008) Author

British Popular Culture and the First World War (2008)
edited by Meyer

'If It Had Happened Otherwise: First World War Exceptionalism in Counterfactual History'
Hitler Triumphant (2006)
edited by Tsouras
'Ike’s Cockade: The Allied Invasion of France 1943’
War and the Media (2005)
eds: Connelly and Welch
'The missing Western Front: British politics, strategy and propaganda in 1918'
Utah Beach (2004)  Author

Omaha Beach (2004)
With Tim Bean

Battle for Caen (2005)
With Simon Trew
War, Culture and the Media, (1996)
eds: Stewart and Carruthers
'The influence of the media on recent British military operations'
The Historian, Television, and Television History (2001).
eds: Roberts and Taylor
'Blackadder Goes Forth and the “Two Western Fronts” Debate'
Britain, NATO and the Lessons of the Balkan conflict 1991-1999 (2000)
with Paul Latawski

Co-Editor, plus 'Media Interaction in the Kosovo Conflict'
War in the Age of Technology (2001)
eds: Jensen and Wiest
'The Impact of Communications and the Media on the Art of War since 1815'
The First World War Archive (1993)
ed: Smither
Modern Military Operations and the Media (1994)
The Media and International Security.
Sandhurst Conference Series (2000)
Editor plus 'The Military, the Media and Public Opinion'
The Manchurian Candidate
Cinetec Series (1998)

Into the Reich: Battles on Germany's Western Frontier 1944-1945 (2002) 
with Arnold, Ford, & Zaloga
The Crimean War (1994)
With Andrew Lambert
Third Reich Victorious (2002)
ed. Tsouras
'Disaster at Dunkirk'
Fields of Battle: Terrain in Military History (2002)
eds: Doyle and Bennett
'Terrain as a Factor in the Battle of Normandy 1944'
The Battle of Normandy Sixty Years On (2006)
ed: John Buckley

'Culture, Controversy, Caen and Cherbourg: The First Week of the Battle'
Normandy 1944 (1990)
The Franco-Prussian War
The Hutchinson Atlas of World War II Battle Plans

The Gulf War Assessed
With John Pimlott
The Falklands Conflict Twenty Years On (2005)
With Havers and Grove

'Free of jargon and packed with anecdotes, this collection of papers will assist any reader who plans to dig into the Falklands conflict'
Journal of Military History, Jan 2006,
Co-Editor plus 'The Falklands Conflict as a Media War' 
Leadership and Command (1997)
ed. Gary Sheffield
'The Coalition Command in the Gulf War' 
Haig - a Reappraisal 70 Years 0n (1999)
eds. Bond and Cave
'Haig and the Press'
The Great World War 1914-1945 (2001)
eds. Liddle, Bourne and Cecil
'The Experience of Manipulation'
with Philip M. Taylor
Paschendale in Perspective - The Third Battle of Ypres (1998)
ed. Peter Liddle
'Images of Battle'
with Philip M. Taylor
The Boer war - Direction, Experience and Image (2000)
ed. John Gooch
'War Correspondents in teh Boer War'

100 years of conflict 1900- 2000 (2001)
eds. Sheffield and Trew
'The Road to Stalemate'
Armoured Warfare (1991)
eds. Harris and Toase
'The American Experience of Armour 1919-1953
The Battle for France and Flanders - Sixty years On (2001)
eds. Bond and Taylor
'British High Command and the Reporting of the Campaign'
British Fighting Methods in the Great War (1996)
ed. Paddy Griffith
'Cavalry and the Development of the Breakthrough Doctrine'
The New Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Entries for:
Sir Frederick Browning
Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien
Colonel Walter James
Sir Beauvoir de Lisle
Neville Lytton
Sir Hebert Plumer
The BEF (group entry)
The Oxford Companion to British History Contributor
"History Today" Companion to British History Contributor
Propaganda and Mass Persuasion: A Historical Encyclopedia, 1500 to the Present Contributor
The Oxford Companion to Military History Contributor
The D-day Encyclopedia Editorial Board







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